Larry the Cucumber in His Cheeseburger

The inspired lyrics.

Twist and Shout – The Beatles

I got this song stuck in my head today. All remembered of the words were “C’mon baby, twist and shout.” Well, I looked it up: Twist and Shout, by the Beatles.

Carole King: I feel the earth move under my feet

I just heard this song on K-Earth 101, and now it’s stuck in my head. I found it on SingingFish so I can listen to it as much as I like…

Find free music on the web

An awesome article on LifeHacker that should come in handy someday. Of course, it might need to be updated for 2006.

Interactive Radio

I just started using Yahoo Radio (LaunchCast) for the first time. I am very impressed. A lot of work went into this. And I don’t think they make much money from it. It’s really amazing: you have a wide selection of artists and music, and you can rate the songs, albums, artists and genres for…Continue Reading…

Anything Audio Becomes Video

Radio first, then TV. Audio tape, then videotape. CD, then DVD. Music iPod, then video iPod. Audio podcasting, then video podcasting. Audio blogging, then videologging. Before that, there was text. Writing, books, newspapers, magazines. Of course, text and audio still have their place. But video is growing at an accelerating pace. If one can spot…Continue Reading…