Website for You

I’m finally going to follow up on my post from about 2 months ago, Too Many Websites. I sat down today and suddenly remembered a few sites that I love, but don’t have time for – and so the’ve been growing stale for about a year. All it takes is for someone to put some…Continue Reading…

The Web is Becoming Increasingly Overwhelming

The year was 1996. I was creating my first website. It was about Pokemon, games, and programming. Life was simpler back then. The Internet felt like a relatively small community. The number of webmasters was a fraction of what it is today. There was less information. Spam was not a problem, search engines were not…Continue Reading…

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[MM] I woke this morning in time to finish my Calculus homework before going to EE 106 to work with Michael O. on our robot. We’re supposed to make it run through an obstacle course, but the IR detectors see too far. We need to somehow make it more nearsighted. Otherwise, we can’t detect small…Continue Reading…

Scammer Steals Moderator Account

dude66, one of the moderators on my Google Community forum, apparently had his account stolen and thus deleted all of the posts in the Books forum as well as some of those from the Games forum.

phpBB Star is back

It’s rather awesome. phpBB Star Free Forums