Pokemon: Coughing Koffing!

[They find a wild Koffing]
Ash: Pokeball, go! Yeah, I caught… Koffing!
Brock: Uh oh, Koffing’s coughing!
Misty: Let’s go to the PokeCenter.

Nurse Joy: Coughing is bad.
Ash: No, this is a good Koffing!
Nurse Joy: I mean COUGHING.
Ash: Ahhh… *falls over*

[Team Rocket intro…]
Meowth: Hand over your Pikachu!
Koffing: *coughs* Koffing koffing! *cough*
Meowth: Who are you??
Koffing: Koffing koffing koffing.
Meowth: Uhh… can you stop coughing?
Ash: No, he’s talking.
Meowth: Ahhh… *falls over* I forgot he was a Koffing…
Ash: Koffing! Use your COUGH ATTACK!
[Koffing coughs]
Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off agaaiin!!…

Nurse Joy: Koffing’s all better now.
Ash: Thanks.
[The heroes march on with their new Koffing. Who knows what will happen next? Watch next episode…]

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