Possible 10th Planet Discovered

Scientists have found a new world orbiting our solar system. It’s more than 3 billion kilometers – about 1,864,113,580 miles – further away from the Sun than Pluto and 40 years away from Earth in a space shuttle. SCIENTISTS have found a new world orbiting the solar system – more than 3 billion kilometres further away from the Sun than Pluto and 40 years away from Earth in a space shuttle.

NASA is expected to announce today or tomorrow the discovery of the space object, which some experts believe could be a new planet.

It is provisionally known as Sedna, after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

The discovery of Sedna – 10 billion kilometres from Earth – is a testament to the new generation of high-powered telescopes.

Measurements suggest Sedna’s diameter is almost 2000km, or 6,561,680 feet – the biggest find in the solar system since Pluto was discovered 74 years ago. It is believed to be made of ice and rock, and is slightly smaller than Pluto.

The find will reignite the debate over what constitutes a planet. Some scientists claim even Pluto is too small to count as one.

According to astronomer Michael Brown of the California Institute of Technology, who discovered Sedna, there could be many other new worlds orbiting the Sun and waiting to be discovered.

“Sedna is very big, and much further out than previous discoveries,” he said. “I’m pretty sure there are other large bodies up there too.”

But physicist and cosmologist Paul Davies, of Sydney’s Macquarie University, said it was folly to describe Sedna as a planet. “It’s fun, it’s exciting, but let’s keep it in proportion,” Professor Davies said yesterday.

He said scientists had known for “a decade or so the solar system does not come to an abrupt halt” and there were a number of “planetessimals” or little planets, like Sedna.

The Australian: It’s another world …

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  1. Usama says:

    I believe there are ten planets in the solar system.I want to see the picture of Sedna.

  2. Jaqueline Wilson says:

    I will say that the tenth planet could really be true and it is very fascinating and so amazing of how they could find these planets. Sedna (the 10th planet) is very far and people can be really brave (to even risk there life) to find out about the other planets adn the moon!
    That is all I have to say but I will be back to get some more news!

    (P.S. I am from the NASA COMPANY)

  3. lilly says:

    it is a very gd web

  4. Rameen Malik says:

    I’ve found this information shocking that a new planet is discovered.Now I’ll tell my friends. I can hardly wait for its details.

  5. bradyholder says:

    which 2 recently discovered objects might be listed as new planets in our solar system?

  6. ivan says:

    sedna seems to be red and very shiny, the same description it is given in zecharia sitchin’s two books the 12th planet,and the lost book of enki,and the planet seems to build up speed then slow down,only to pick up speed again,as in the book of job 26 v13 ‘the crooked serpent’and again in job:22 v 14.he walketh in the circuit of heaven in other words an orbit,the scientist seem to think the planet is small, thats only because it’s so far out at the moment apparently it’s 4 times the size of earth,according to NASA in sitchins book the wars of gods and men the 3rd book of sitchins collection..the old testament prophets knew this planet as ‘the great day of the lord’ zeph:1 v 14-18 one example of many in the old testament,clever people those old prophets,apparently its coming back in 2013,i can’t wait, god willing.

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  8. Melissa Nelson says:

    Patty Optekar left earth yesterday…to sail across the universe…Leave it to Patty to want to name a planet something beautiful and good and to think in terms of universal benefit.
    You were the brightest star, Patty. And those of us who knew you and loved you will miss you forever. Those who never knew you…will benefit from the love and “fabulous” energy you put out into the world every day of your life.
    Caio, Patty. (I’m gonna call the 10th planet PATTY…)1/9/08

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