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This is just so darn interesting.

Slashdot | Google’s Gmail To Offer 1GB E-mail Storage?
Re:It’s no lie…. (Score:5, Informative)
by mac-diddy (569281) on Wednesday March 31, @06:13PM (#8732700)
whois shows that the domain was created back on Aug 13, 1995 [], which is actually before domain was created (Sep 15, 1997 []).

wayback [] has some listings for, but it’s been blocked with a Robots.txt. I wonder what the history of the domain is and if someone made some cash selling it to google?
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Re:It’s no lie…. (Score:5, Informative)
by hawaiian717 (559933) on Wednesday March 31, @09:24PM (#8733903)
GMail used to be the free email service offered for fans of Garfield [] (the overweight lasanga-loving orange cat on the comics page). I notice that they now offer emails instead.
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13 thoughts on “Slashdot Comments on Google Gmail”

  1. Yeah, I used to have a gmail account back in highschool. It was my first free account after hotmail, and i used it lots… until one day for some reason just decided to discontinue it, and then changed the host. I wonder if it’s because google bought it way back then… hmm.

  2. yeah me and my friend had a gmail account in junoir high, back when it was garfield email, but i stoped using it before they switched to thanks for the info i was wondering what happened to garfield email.

    oh and thanks for letting me know i can check out info on rheumatoid and amoxicillin guys… big help

  3. hey…looks like a dead thread (only 2 years since last post!)
    I also was a ‘gmail’ user before google took the name… I was also an e-garfield user but it looks like it was removed a couple of weeks ago! Nothing on the main web site talking about (or at least that I could find!) Ah well, I would only receive spam at the email anyway!

    if anyone want to have email from the same provider that e-garfield used, here’s another link:

  4. hey, looks like a really really dead thread. (only 1.5 years since last post!)

    does someone have a screenshot of said `gmail’ interface before Google took over? just out of curiosity.

  5. Looks like a really, really, really dead thread – nearly 2 years since last post and 7 years since original article publication!

    Has anyone found that screenshot yet? I think it would be very interesting also.

  6. Not so dead thread! I, too, am fascinated by this Garfield mail…screenshots would be so great~

  7. I don’t have a screenshot , but I can confirm that gmail was Garfield mail at one point. There was something on the site that required you to have a Garfield address, I don’t remember what. But, it probably got a lot of people to sign up.

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