Iomega Sucks

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by pantycrickets (694774) on Tuesday April 13, @03:12PM (#8853776)
Okay, quick look on the net –, and I see USB hard drives with 40GB of space for under $60. Why buy it from Iomega for more?

You aren’t taking into account Iomega’s value-added features, such as slower transfer rates, propietary software interfaces, and generally shoody construction. When you do, you can see they have the clear advantage.


See link for more. Slashdot | Iomega Ships 35GB ‘Son of Jaz’

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  1. Anonymous says:

    IOMEGA really SUCKS because they don’t care that customer’s are left with useless backup devices – PERIOD.

    • barbaros says:

      Once, during the second lengthy chat with Iomega service/support I asked to tell me the technical specifications of the power supply adapter that comes with Iomega 500 gb prestige hard drive. The answer is, of course logically perfect: “Don’t worry sir. You will get the one you need.” You ask “which one do I need? The one I already have does not work” They say: “You need the one that comes with the Iomega hard drive”. The horse needs to have ears that come with this horse. If you ask for specifications you will hear that Iomega representatives have access to this information. They do. You don’t. And it is not in their interests to present this information because in this case their fault is un-concealable.
      Of course, they know better than the customers what the customers need. Nevertheless, Iomega hard drives die without notification after a week of working.

  2. Steve says:

    Hate Iomega, overpriced pieces of crap. They don’t support the legacy products and all their products have slow transfer and write speeds compared to rivals. Can’t believe anyone wastes their money on their inferior garbage. The company sucks as badly as their products.

  3. R Johnson says:

    I took everything Iomega in my house and threw it in the trash. I experienced the same “gotta pay $25.00 to even talk to us” and they didn’t even fix the problem any of the times I called. Glutton for punishment I guess.
    We must pass the word to others about this bunch of bums.

  4. j says:

    my stupid iomega piece of shit doesn’t work for crap. it will load up and maybe work for 10-15 minutes max. then it will just turn into shit and die. what a pile of total crap. anyone have any better suggestions for external drivers?

  5. Davian G says:

    All my stuffs from Iomega have been working smooth. Havent had any troubles, neither with read/write speeds nor with pricetag. All of them have been good deals and they have much-outlived the max timespan of 2 years which Lacie and Seagate made as staple survival period! Just bought a media player # 34499. Cool stuff for movies n videos. Iomega has been good, so far

  6. Iomeg shoul die says:

    Iomega sucks Balls with a capital “B”!!! I hope a giant meteor strikes their HQ company building and destroys their entire facility. I hate Iomega you ruined my life!!

  7. Gary says:

    I hate Iomega because the only thing worse than their product is their tech support. I have ( had) a Storecenter ix2 NAS drive. It is 15 months old (3 months past warranty). It decided to stop working about 2 weeks ago. I contacted tech support and was told that the item was out of warranty but could receive tech support for $50.00. After agreeing I discussed my problem with the tech “specialist” I was told that I needed a USB boot disk which they would send to me UPS ground. I expected the “solution” within 4 days, but waited 10 days to call. I was told that the item was never address and they will send me the USB disk overnight. This was at 8 AM local time. I would have expected it the following day. When I did not receive the product I called and was told that it was going out the following day. Why bother sending it out next day if you are going to wait an additional day to send it?. IN any case I received the “solution” today and it did not do a thing. The tech at this point said there was nothing further to do as the warranty expired. It is less than likely I will ever trust my data with this company again. I suggest that anyone reading this act accordingly

  8. Absolutely agree. I currently cant access the dashboard for my Iomega NAS drive due to a JAVASCRIPT error. On top of this it will not pick up Twonky, is super slow at streaming, and often disconnects. Piece of crap, going to use it as an expensive USB backup drive because it’s not much good for anything else.

  9. Chris says:

    I have a IX2 which i bought through website called markplaats (company was selling this). One drive failed so.. it just stopped.. so made a claim first they wanted a receipt, had no paper receipt so emailed the company which sold me this, received a receipt and now they tell me we do not support anything bought from marktplaats!

    So in short they also do not support E-bay and so on so on even if you bought this through a company! Great service at Iomega (NOT). p.s. This is within 8 months that i have the product!

    In short guys if you are is thinking about Buying an IOMEGA product! i better think twice. if your seller goes bankrupt probably any warranty claims will die with them! (even within the guarantee period).

    Never buying an Iomega product anymore!

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