What does “intelliot” mean?

Originally, I thought of it as the words “intelligent” and “elliot” combined.

Someone later suggested INTELliot, “Intel” and “elliot”.

And yet another possible meaning is:

int elliot;

… declaring an integer variable called elliot in C/C++/Java/etc.

It’s kind of amusing how the nickname has grown on me. My old nickname, which I still use occasionally, got more interesting over time as well.

It’s Gengar56, the Pokemon Gengar and the random number 56… or so I thought. Someone said, “Oh! I get it now – you’re 11 years old, so 11 = 5 + 6.” That thought had never occurred to me before. Now this is the only way I remember how long I’ve had that screenname – at least since I was 11. I’m 16 now, so it’s been at least 5 years.

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