What icons are doing while you sleep

Funny Flash animation: see.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

11/04/04 – Link fixed. I downloaded a local copy and uploaded it to my server.

10 Responses to “What icons are doing while you sleep”

  1. Joe Andre says:

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO, ” WHAT ICONS DO WHILE YOU SLEEP ?” Miss it and haven’t seen it in months .

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Uploaded it just for you :)

  3. Joe Andre says:

    Thanks, Get such a kick out of this. Found it on Langa’s site a few months ago. Would it be too much to ask if there was a way to save it to my computer so I could bring it back up again when I need another good laugh? Thanks again. Real Creative. Joe

  4. joe andre says:

    Elliot. Appreciate the trouble you went through posting it here but it worked a few times, then kaputt, dead link. I’m an old guy with limited geektelligence and just wodered if there was a way to put it on my computer so even if I wasn’t on the internet I could still run it. Thanks, and wanted to let you know that I was floored when I saw that you were so young. I’m 54 yrs. old, know a lot, done a lot, have forgotten more than most people know, but am still jealous of what you possess . Forget about the girls, and other things that make you weak, and not just in the knees, they are only temporary. Your knowledge is your power and it pays the rent. Thanks for the good reading. Joe

  5. Elliot Lee says:

    Hi Joe,
    Sorry, I forgot to transfer it when I upgraded WordPress. You’ve actually come here to see it more than once?? :)

    Yes, you can put it on your computer by right-clicking the link and choosing “Save Link As…” in Firefox or “Save Target As…” in Internet Explorer.

  6. Joe Andre says:

    You’re ALLright Buddy. Yes I come here every couple of months when I’m in need of a laugh. The Heat here in Tucson is Now becoming Overwhelming. Summer’s starting early. Supposed to hit 110 degrees tomorrow. I’m so sick of everyone saying,” But it’s a Dry Heat, It’s a Dry Heat. Hey Idiots 110 degrees IS 110 degrees dry or wet. I’m in need of a Cool Change. I finally made this work on my computer. Pretty persistant, aren’t I. Keep using that Brain of yours. I can see Great things for you in the Future, Elliot. I need to get me a website but can’t figure it out. You youngun’s are too smart ! Thanks again, Joe

  7. Elliot Lee says:

    Link fixed again (after upgrading to the latest version of WordPress).

  8. Victoria says:

    Um…I would really like to see this, but it isn’t here anymore? Actually a friend wants to see it, and she thinks it would be rather funny, but it says 404 Error. Could you possibly fix it?

  9. Elliot Lee says:

    Fixed yet again, Victoria :)

  10. Otterkins2 says:

    So where is this “What icons do while you sleep”? I don’t see it anywhere…..

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