15 Minutes of Fame

Neat – for the first time, Elliot Lee’s blog (you’re looking at it) is getting some publicity. After I posted about the 1TB Gmail bug (which I did not know was a bug at the time), CNet News.com posted a story which included a link to it:

Others who spotted the change posted notices to Web logs and Web sites.

This story’s headline appeared on the front page of News.com’s The Net section (in fact it is still there right now):

Story Headline on News.com (screenshot)

The article was duplicated on ZDNet which is part of the CNet network.

One interesting thing to note – I’m pretty sure I’m the first to call this “1,000GB.” Everything else I’d seen either said 1TB or 1 million megabytes.

A number of sites linked to the news.com article, and one other blog linked to mine directly: Mercurial.

I was also linked to by a Dutch site (thanks Cafe de Bok).

Ah, that was fun.

5 Responses to “15 Minutes of Fame”

  1. dan says:

    Hey, you’re takin’ my fame. You’ll note that in the original article, Web logs was a link to your site, but Web sites was a link to my site. This is the site’s HTML:

    (HTML which the post was changed to use)

  2. Elliot says:

    Whoops, thanks for that. I just copied from the site through the browser (not from source), so the hyperlinks all went away and I added the link manually.

    Post updated. You’re famous! :)

  3. dan says:


  4. Cafe de Bok says:

    Apparently German site??? Mixing Germany and The Netherlands is not a good idea…
    The .NL-domain is for The Netherlands, do you mind?

  5. Elliot says:

    My apologies, I had no idea. So is it Dutch then? Post updated.

    Comments closed. Continue reading the blog.