Entire Staff of TechTV Fired

TechTV has been going through a lot lately. Leo Laporte, host of the only decent show on the channel, reports in his blog that Comcast has fired the entire staff of TechTV. The only thing TechTV had is the show Leo once hosted, The ScreenSavers. Call for Help is nice on some days, but I’ve heard bogus and misleading information on it more than once. Overall, I wonder what Leo thinks of it and what’s going to happen to him. I really respect him – he’s great at talking about computers on TV.

I’m also afraid that too many people may be overreacting. Here’s a nice post by someone calling themselves Legion on Leo’s blog:

Come on people.

A petition that insults the new owner’s existing network? Yeah, that’s real bright.

Being surprised that this is happening? Must not have been paying attention – Comcast stated a while ago that the network’s headquarters will be in LA. How exactly did you think that was going to happen?

None of this means that certain shows won’t be back, or certain hosts won’t be back. If Comcast wants someone back, and the someone will relocate to LA to do it, then they can be back.

Here’s a thought – has anyone noticed that Leo’s new radio show is located… in LA?? Sounds like someone knew what they were doing when they took that show. Maybe just a coincidence, but I’m guessing our gracious host is wise beyond his years.

Not that I expect any of this to stop knee-jerk reactions.

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