Google AdSense Image Ads

Google Image Ads (Beta)

Google is introducing an exciting new feature to its advertising program. Now you can use the power of images to drive clickthrough from your web visitors. Image ads allow AdWords advertisers to place graphical ads – in addition to text ads – and uses existing AdWords technology to target images based on keywords and phrases. Google uses AdSense contextual advertising technology to match the image ads to the content of your web pages.

What does this mean for AdSense web publishers?

* AdSense web publishers will have the option of running image ads on their web pages, and can benefit from the increased revenue potential of targeted, graphical ads.

* Image ads will increase the available inventory of ads for your pages, and offer an alternative option for publishers wanting to monetize their pages.

* Image ads will show in rotation with text ads. On a page by page basis, Google’s technology determines whether text ads or image ads are likely to make you more money, and serves the best ads to your page.

* Google image ads are currently in beta and are available in 4 major formats: 468×60, 728×90, 120×600, and 300×250.

You can choose to run image ads by simply selecting the image ads checkbox from the Ad Preference page of your AdSense account. Or, set your preference at a page level by selecting the type of ads you’d like to show when generating your ad code. More information is available in our FAQ at

Success Stories

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