Hooray, No Gmail Spam

When I checked my Spam folder in Gmail today, I got a nice “Hooray, no spam here!” message. And it’s true – no spam has yet been sent to my account. In addition, I’m told, “You are currently using 0 MB (0%) of your 1000 MB.”

Gmail says Hooray, no spam here

So fill ‘er up (and I’ll make it a link so it’s easier for you this time): say hello to my Gmail account. (Update: changed link to try out plus addressing.)

An idea: send me some useful and interesting attachments. No spam please; that’ll come naturally.

2 Responses to “Hooray, No Gmail Spam”

  1. Aaron Pratt says:

    On the other hand, I’m looking for spam to test out Gmail’s junk filtering capabilities. I’ve been asking people to spam me at [email protected] to see how quickly 1000 MB can be filled with junk mail and how well Gmail’s junk filters work. I’ve been posting the results at gmail.prattboy.net

  2. Henry Yuen says:

    I’ve had my Gmail account for about two years now; but surprisingly I’ve had very little spam, despite it being my primary e-mail aside from my USC mail. Then again, it’s probably due to my increased vigilance about whom I give my e-mail to; for most websites I give out an alternate address. And, checking that one, I have an exorbitant amount of spam. Makes me wonder how life would be like without all this crap clogging up the series of tubes that is our intarwebs.

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