New Layout

I grabbed a layout and then integrated WordPress’ PHP code to work in it. There are a bunch of bugs, the worst being that the column on the right goes all the way to the bottom if there are any posts on the page which are too wide. Also, the lines for the div boxes don’t match up. It’s a pretty nice design, but I’ve got to tweak it more to get it to fit WordPress.

3 Responses to “New Layout”

  1. David says:

    You might want to change it a little bit more. It looks too much like the original blogger template…

  2. dan says:

    I don’t know if you need to change it or not, but I thought you were using Blogger for a second. Also, do you realize you have the categories listed twice on the sidebar?

  3. Elliot says:

    Oops. Thanks – I removed the duplicate of the categories.

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