Oh Geez! MSN Toolbar for Popup Blocking

Microsoft is advertising their MSN toolbar for their Internet Explorer web browser.
Microsoft Advertises Pop-up Blocker
I love how they capitalize “FREE”. Big deal! As if anyone would pay for that junk (unfortunately, someone would…) No company would ever dream of charging for a toolbar which advertises their search engine. It’s a quest for desktop space on consumer computers, and they make it sound like something good. It’s absolute junk. Don’t touch it, whatever you do, do not touch MSN! Let me explain. Internet Explorer is flawed – one major lacking feature is its unability to deal with popup ads. It is a fault in their browser and they make it sound like the fix is some amazing new feature. Stupid marketing. It’s so dang misleading – the worst part being that the general public believes it. Kind of like Microsoft’s “Get the Facts” Windows vs. Linux campaign.

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