People are cool

Today, I’ve realized how great other people can be. Yeah, that sounds corny and snobby, but it’s somewhat true. Since this is a public blog and everything, I won’t use real names. It doesn’t matter anyway; it’s the examples that count.

First off, I’m really blown away by the dedication and friendliness of someone in my Spanish class. He has a great attitude and amazing enthusiasm. Secondly, there’s a guy in CompSci class who’s really negative and blunt most of the time. He wants to make viruses and crack passwords. And yet, when it comes to games, he still has a certain respect for honor. He’s not the sort of person that would cheat in a game, and I admire that.

Finally, there’s a person in my Math class. We did a group project, and the teacher had us grade the other members of our groups. After we did (anonymously), he asked, “Did you just give top marks for everything?” “No,” I truthfully responded. I actually gave him a couple checks in the lowest category, “Partially Proficient.”
“Good,” he responded, “I hate when people just give the highest score.”
I really admire that. Even when it would help our friends out, it’s best to answer truthfully. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing it? It’s great to see other people having morals.

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  1. folle says:

    Hey- I did a Google search of the phrase “people are cool” and found a lot of “old people are cool”, “biracial people are cool”, etc. Thanks for sharing my belief that PEOPLE people are cool!

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