Dealing with Clients

An interesting discussion here.

In my contract I have:

50% deposit is to be paid before beginning the work and the balance upon completion or within 30 days of start date, whichever comes first. You, the Client, agree to supply myCompany text and graphics as needed in a timely manner. Provided the text and feedback are available as requested, myCompany agrees to have the site completed within XX days.

So far I have gotten the money and finished the project in the time allowed for. If it is getting toward the 30 day mark I call and remind them of the contract and the items I need and in the format needed. I remind them I have allowed the stated amount of time for their project and if they go over that I will not do a rush and drop my current clients for them. In a nice way of course. Then I follow up with an email. So far so good!

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