Having Fun with Computers

Nobody’s home and I have six computers to play with. Ah, the memories; it’s like the summers of years ago. What do I do all day for fun? I don’t play sports, I don’t play video games… heck, I don’t even watch TV. I work on computers, both hardware and software.

Yesterday I identified and threw out a dead power supply. Now I’ve got three dead computers to fix up or toss out.

Since this is a web log, I’m going to log a few things that I do. Here’s one computer, with an Enpower badge, that powers up but doesn’t show anything on the screen. It doesn’t POST or even beep at all. Whoops, the RAM is missing. I put in a 64 MB PC100 DIMM. Still nothing. Let’s try popping out the LAN and modem PCI cards.

There we go! Windows 98 is starting.

I’ll post some pics of my workspace later.

3 thoughts on “Having Fun with Computers”

  1. I never put the Ethernet and modem cards back in, actually. They seem to be what was keeping the computer from starting. I’ll test them another time.

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