Installed phpBB Cash Mod

That’s one tricky mod! I ran into this error:

“Fatal error: Class template_plus: Cannot inherit from undefined class template in …”

If you get this, double check the changes you made to common.php (that they’re in the right place) and that you uploaded it correctly.

All looks good now.

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  1. JZ says:

    I want to put that mod onto or but it seems nobody can do it without an error.

  2. I have installed this mod on a few of my forums. Yes, it is hard to install. It has taken me about 5 times to get it working properly :)

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  4. Anferny says:


    If they know that the files need to be modified, why not put the modified files for download instead of making everyone do it them selves, that’s why hardly anyone gets it to work right…

    They should have the files already modified so that all you have to do is upload the files to the right directory!!

    Just a thought to consider…

  5. vinny says:

    ive actually installed it corectly on the first time! umm first your template must be: subsilver and i have the files with the filled content(working) and u must run the sql_install.php from cash mod

  6. We are having a hard time getting the Cash Mod to work. I’ve double checked everything but still no progress. When users make a post, they don’t get the points they should be creditted for. The only thing working is when you reply to a thread that somebody started — that somebody will be credited the appropriate point. Otherwise, starting a thread or replying to one does not give points to any member. Can anyone help us in this matter? This is the latest version of Cash Mod and the latest stable version of phpBB.


  7. markbright says:

    Hey y’all! I’m Mark. This looks like a awesome webpage. I cannot wait to search around.

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