Last Computer Club Meeting

We had our last computer club meeting of the school year today. For those who don’t know, I founded the computer club at Walnut High School and this was our first year.

Today we did a real activity. Mr. Ulrich had us checking the CD-ROM and floppy drives of the Dell computers in the D2 lab because their warranty expires next week. Several of them were broken, as expected. Afterwards, I ran a little contest – the first we’ve ever done. I had four blank CD-R’s, with colored thin plastic cases. I asked them what certain computer acronyms stood for, and the first to raise their hand and answer was awarded a blank CD with case.

Questions included HTTP, HTML, FTP, and DVD. I also asked several which nobody knew: POST, SQL, ASP. The winners were Simon, Kenny, Nicolette, and Nhan. We ended with 21 active members.

2 Responses to “Last Computer Club Meeting”

  1. dan says:

    Huh, I like to know acronyms, and I knew HTTP, HTML, FTP and DVD. Were you expecting Power On Self Test for POST? I also had both SQL and ASP wrong by one word. I thought SQL was _simple_ query language, when it’s actually structured, and I couldn’t remember the A in ASP, and guessed advanced server pages instead of active.

    That’s a good idea though for a little fun competition.

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