Email Storage Numbers Mean Nothing

Some people discovered yesterday that you can get a free 2 GB email account.

Do you really get that storage or is it a bug?

Here’s one example of inconsistent wording:
Image: Bug in MSN Hotmail storage warning

The account shows a 25 MB limit while the warning contradicts itself, saying 2 GB and then 100 MB.

What is this storage? It’s not actually there, and it might not even be reserved for you. It’s just a quota, or a limit. It may be compressed or mirrored across different servers.

Gmail is still the best not because of the 1 GB storage limit (although it did start all of this crazy storage frenzy with Yahoo and Microsoft), but because its revolutionary search function and labeling system for organizing emails. Not to mention conversations and filters.

3 Responses to “Email Storage Numbers Mean Nothing”

  1. Marry says:

    If all send spam mail, 1G is not enough.

  2. Nazmi says:

    i want upgraed free my hotmail 2gb …plz

  3. Nazmi says:

    u can……..

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