People have a problem with terminology these days

especially computer-related or technicial terms, not that they’re amazingly difficult or anything, at least not to me.

Just as an example, I spoke with someone today who claimed that the SP2 patch for Windows XP made their computer “laggy”. By “laggy” they did not mean their internet connection had high latency; rather, they meant their computer was just slower overall.

That’s not laggy, really. Although I guess language will have to compensate for usage like this.

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  1. Daniel Wu says:

    Hey…I’m a completely newbie at this whole wordpress thing. How do I install a different skin/template/look?

  2. LokiSnake says:

    Agreed, some friends of mine say the same thing. Some say their “compy will be too laggy for Doom 3 when it comes out.” Then they put up an argument saying laggy=slow and laggy!=high latency. Man, ignorant people.

  3. Tony says:

    hey elliot, IT CAME 2DAY……….AHH THE IPOD~!

  4. RandomDigits says:

    I am not a computer newbie, but I have respect for those that pursue other things network topology and hardware bottlenecks. “Laggy” is better than some of the things that I have heard though. It describes some of the problem and if a techie wants to know more it gives them a foundation for further questioning.

    I have a problem with people who think “crash” is a full discription for any situation, ie:
    “My computer just crashed.”
    “Really, what happened?”
    “I just told you, it crashed.”

    By contrast I have taken up the habbit of calling it ‘magic’ anytime something good happens that I can’t explain.

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