Presidential Debate

in the “townhall format” it seemed to be a better format overall due to the flexibility it offers the debaters.

I didn’t see the whole thing, but having the audience ask questions was an interest aspect. It gives the debate a real purpose rather than just acting our a speech with no real substance.

Particularly interesting were the views on taxes, jobs, intelligence reform, and healthcare by the government. In a free market, do we want the government handling things? It seems to me a superficial solution to the problem which really needs to be solved by looking at its cause. People shouldn’t depend on the government – they need to be responsible for themselves.

Kerry seemed to present an idealistic view of the world in thinking that sanctions could take care of Saddam Hussein and that going after Osama Bin Laden is all we need to battle terrorism. Also, instead of having the government make decisions, why not let individuals? I’ll admit, many people are too irresponsible. But we can’t subject everyone to a lower standard.

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