Isn’t it scary

when your perspective is limited?

but not only can you not see – you don’t know you can’t see. You don’t realize it. You lack the understanding. The capacity to comprehend.

What if, one day, I wake up, and my memory is gone?
and even worse – I don’t know it? or don’t have the ability to know that I don’t know, or even to understand what it means?

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  1. Uncle Jack says:

    “Flowers for Algernon” is the classic but powerful story, about a low-functioning janitor who volunteers for an experimental drug to increase his intelligence. Had to read it in high school or jr high (decades ago) and this was one of the few stories powerful enough that I remember the title after 25~30 years.

    Do a search for “metacognition” – you should find a well written psych article on the limited perspective phenomena

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