First entry in the AS Journal

Here’s a little something I’ll start doing with my blog. As recommended by an eBook I just purchased, I’ll start keeping an AS journal.

Before buying the book, I was already blending text ads into my sites. But it’s been a further motivator and validated some thoughts I’d had. One of these is the supremacy of text ads over image ads. Based on recommendation from the eBook, I’ve set my account default to text ads only.

When I changed the ads on GoogleCommunity to appear at the end of topics, in line with the posts, I saw a dramatic increase in CTR over having them in a leaderboard at the bottom.

Today I changed the InvisionPlus footer ads a bit – the text colors now match the default forums style, and they’re text ads only. I also added a Google search box (no site search).

I have plans to move the ads up for InvisionPlus, and likewise for GC.

I hope it’s okay to publish these ideas publicly.

5 Responses to “First entry in the AS Journal”

  1. Rob Fischer says:

    kid are you serious….who names their kid elliot….what a g– name. seriously kid you need to get out more and stop sitting at your g– d— computer all day long typing all this nonsense. You must be one of those f— that has no life, no friends, or no parents and sits at a g– d— desk making “blogs” all f—– day….this site is q—- and my back hurts. Now my head hurts just from reading t his g– s— you put on here. I am now dumber after reading this s—. -rob fischer

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Your facts are wrong, but I’m glad to have your opinion nonetheless. Enjoy your freedom of speech.

    You were the one who decided to read this; if it made your head hurt, well, you probably shouldn’t have read it. How did you find my blog?

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  4. Just read your blog section on adsense, and i must say i like the idea of sharing your adsense progress with your readers.

    My experience on using adsense ads is to focus on colours that blend perfectly into the site.

    I must agree with your assumption that something is way off with your click ratio, 5000 clicks and only $4 in earnings.

    Are you continuing to experience this ?

  5. rento says:

    hahahha… rob fischer…
    do you know there’s a .COM domain ?

    keep up your blog, Elliot…
    people like “rob fisher.. ups” they just don’t get it.




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