I hate when people ask questions whose answers can easily be found with Google.

nebbie2004444: how does page rank work? can you summarize it up?
nebbie2004444: like how you get high page rank?

Find this in 5 seconds with Google. Do you want me to waste time reinventing the wheel for you?

nebbie2004444: btw, i think you need to change your paypal button
nebbie2004444: from httpS:// to http://
nebbie2004444: httpS:// is a known fraud site
nebbie2004444: im not a 100 perent sure, but i hear that somewhere
intelliot: i am 100 percent sure that is false
intelliot: https means secure
nebbie2004444: well why do i get these paypal emails saying my account is suspended
nebbie2004444: and then i login using http:// and my account is normal
nebbie2004444: and the link in the email is https://
intelliot: the real site is https. The fraud emails also use https to make you think it’s real
intelliot: the https does not indicate whether it’s fraud or real
intelliot: it only indicates the protocol (type of connection)
intelliot: learn more: www.google.com

This is amazing. Why anyone would think “https” means fraud is beyond me. Yes, fake sites use https. So do the real ones. It has nothing to do with whether or not the site is legit.

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  1. ... says:

    haha, he is pathetic, he also backstabbed everyone, he is stupid, and he has had revenge upon him, i hate him, hahaha, i cant beleive he thought that though

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