Netscape is now Mozilla..

What are they saying here?!

Netscape claims to be the No. 2 browser company–after Microsoft–but sources close to the company say that Firefox is gaining “really fast.”
C|Net News

According to Ben Goodger, Netscape has laid off their entire browser department.

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  1. Ben Goodger says:

    And not recently either, about 18 months ago… in July of 2003. Recall the “AOL Lays off 50 engineers” news from July 15, 2003. Netscape is now a shell of its former self, with the new browser prototype being a hacked up Firefox produced by a Canadian contracting company.

  2. Bill Hoey says:

    My E-Mail to netsacpe
    Hi Netscape,

    I called 866-541-8233 to disconnect my service and I thought I would have a very pleasant experience like I’ve have had with other utilities when I notified them I wanted to disconnect

    Your charging me a disconnect fee. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING.
    My other utilities do not charge a disconnect fee.

    You block popups from other sites but you annoy people with your own popup.

    E-Mail. When I compose a message and I hit enter it will double space.
    NO word processor double spaces when you hit enter.

    I have sent several comments to you but you did not have the courtesy to acknowledge my E- Mails

    Therefore I will tell every one I know about the wonderful experience I’ve had with

    Before you screwed every thing up with Netscape 8.1. The old Netscape 7.1 worked fine.
    I could save my urls by going into Netscape file and save the folder “Bookmarks” to disk.
    I had local control.

    I guess you won’t acknowledge this letter either. I’ll look for a blog.

    After going thru all this, I still have to call on the 20th to disconnect.
    All other utilities will accept a future disconnect date.

    Bill Hoey

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