Upgraded to WordPress 1.5

After performing the upgrade on the QuikSolar blog, I was convinced the upgrade is painless enough to be done on my biggest and most trafficked (yes that’s a word) blog: this one. I’ll be monitoring things to see how comments and search engine ranks go. I’ll be really disappointed if there are any negative repercussions, but it’ll be for the greater good: I’ll report the findings to the people at WordPress.

I’m keeping my old .htaccess file. They say in the Upgrade notes to regenerate it, but I don’t see need to do so. The old one worked so well I’ll just keep it for now.

Update: had a little problem with comments. Looks like 1.5 wants, by default, for visitors to register. I don’t want that, so I just deleted that section of code from comments.php. All appears to be well now.

Update Jan 23: Sorry about all the comment spam on this post. It has been eliminated.

3 Responses to “Upgraded to WordPress 1.5”

  1. TheWraith says:

    Now, you just need to ditch WordPress and migrate to Mambo Open Source! :)

  2. Hi; followed your helpful advice and ditched the registration code (because I too got that infuriating “Logged in as .” business…). HOWEVER, now the name and website/URL fields are no longer passed through and the comments still appear as anonymous; so I’ve probably thrown out the baby with the bathwater… any chance of having a look at exactly what you did to comments.php ??

    Many thanks!!


  3. john says:

    Hi Elliot

    I have been driven nuts attemping to eliminate Motive Smartbridge …

    I then found you !!

    I started with an Apple in 1980 … but you are LightYears ahead of me …

    and Thanks … i’m on Verizon dsl but their Website is NO HELP and CRAP !!!

    i’m going to tell them so … and about you

    KEEP IT UP !!!


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