WordPress 1.5 Released

This is the awesomest thing ever! Nicer template system, improved comment moderation, a great new default template, and to top it off, it’s all smaller than 1.2, despite having more features.

One thing confuses me, though: why is the default template a fixed-width layout? I thought a design that uses more of the available screen area was more efficient and accessible. And WordPress is all about open source, standards compliance, and accessibility, right?

One Response to “WordPress 1.5 Released”

  1. Brett Patterson says:

    Fixed-Width layouts are actually easier to design for sometimes. I know I prefer fixed width layouts and definately like having the ability to see a general page background. They could also be thinking that since people like to have things “off to the side” and not just static inside of it, a fixed width would help this.


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