Colleges expect more from Asians

It seems strange that students are actually competing with other students in their high school for admission to the top colleges.

To get out of a high school full of high-achieving Asians, a family “moved 10 miles north to Keyport, N.J., where the average SAT score was 300 points lower and there were almost no Asians.”

“It worked,” said their college advisor. “His client became class valedictorian, won the talent portion of the Miss Teen competition playing piano and got into Yale and MIT.”

On one hand, there’s taking the best students. On the other hand, there’s diversity.

4 Responses to “Colleges expect more from Asians”

  1. AltairAqua says:

    you’ve got a really nice site!!

    and yeah, sometimes colleges can go a bit overboard with the diversity thing. ’tis annoying.

  2. katy says:

    If high school is just about getting into college, sure. But what about being in high school with people of like passions, who pushes you to do better than your expectations, who challenges you to greater aspirations, etc, etc……..

  3. Eric Straven says:

    Not sure of the point of this article, but if you by ‘asian students’ specifically indicate students of Mongoloid origin, then I will have to say that it is true that those of Mongoloid origin have a higher average IQ than people of other human divisions. However, in the end, doing academically good all depends on the student him/herself and his/her ambition and aspiration.

  4. Juno888 says:

    That’s great!..Asian students are really brilliant….=)

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