Keyboards are forever

I don’t think voice recognition will ever catch on. It’s faster to type than it is to talk — in English. But what about other languages?

Quote from an article on ABC News:

Rashid said some things won’t change. He predicted computers will use traditional keyboards even 10 years in the future, despite enormous investments by Microsoft and others in handwriting software and speech-recognition tools to let users dictate to their computers.

“In English, at least, it’s faster to type than it is to talk,” Rashid said. “We’re not moving to a world where those things go away.”

Microsoft is also asking Washington for help. Rashid said he was meeting with lawmakers and others this week to press for education improvements, more research spending by government and relaxed immigration rules to let companies hire more foreign employees.

Rashid said he expects a 30 percent decline in computer science graduates from U.S. schools within two years, citing surveys showing a 60 percent drop in interest in the subject among incoming freshmen.

“I’m really worried. We already have jobs we can’t fill,” Rashid said. “I don’t know where we’re going to find people in this country to hire.”

Are there really not enough computer science graduates, or do they just not want to work for Microsoft? :)

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