Various -meters

Quick: what does each of these do?


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  1. edragongirl2006 says:

    are you in science olympiad or something? practical data gathering? ew

    goniometer -> no clue
    hydrometer -> humidity.. i think
    chronometer -> chrono = time?
    anemometer -> wind speed

  2. Sam Park says:

    Goniometer – An optical instrument for measuring crystal angles, as between crystal faces.
    Hydrometer – Instrument used to measure specific gravity.
    Chronometer – A timekeeping device.
    Anenometer – A device for measuring wind velocity.


  3. A goniometer measures geometric angles.
    A hydrometer measures the specific gravity of a liquid.
    A chronometer measures time.
    An anemometer measures wind velocity.

    Those Latin and Greek word stem studies come in handy. :)

  4. Chad says:

    Haven’t used any of them except for a chronometer and goniometer myself :P

    Seems everyone got them already.

  5. chodosh says:

    yo sam park

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