Automatic Reboots by Windows Update

Last night my computer was automatically restarted by Windows Update after installing an update that required a reboot. This seems rather risky to me, unless the security update was so urgent that a hacker could immediate compromise your system. To me, this seems like the only case in which Windows should automatically restart your computer. A quick Google search brought me this page, which describes how to prevent Windows from doing this.

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  1. Hi,

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  2. LokiSnake says:

    I myself once used windows, and also various distros of Linux and now use Mac OS X Panther [and will be Tiger on the 29th of April]. I left Windows mainly for reasons similar to the above example. It’s just how the Windows OS tries to get in your face, and how Mac OS X just lets you do you thing that got me to switch.

    Well, there are workarounds for almost every flaw, or feature, Windows has. But since the average Windows user wouldn’t even know to turn on the built-in firewall, I wouldn’t expect them to look up how to disable auto-updates.

    Microsoft still has a lot of work ahead of them to catch up in their software’s ease of use and user-friendliness. And I don’t think they are too concerned with that yet. Not until they lose a big chunk of their market share.

    Well, at least there is some kind of work around. Hopefully Longhorn would be a decent upgrade, and make the Windows computers I come into contact with a little easier to use.

  3. PinnedBot says:

    Hey dude. You really have to give Linux a try. After a couple of months of total use, I rarely use Windows anymore. :)

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