Using blogs to improve writing

It may surprise you to learn that your online writing can give you important writing practice. While it’s true that all that time spent IMing “C U L8er” to your best buddies isn’t going to help your grammar and writing style, if you regularly contribute to an online weblog, or “blog”, you could be giving your writing skills an important boost.


It’s a good point and something to look into further. I don’t put much effort into my online writing, but in the future I certainly could. Since many students these days are lacking in their writing skills, the fact that blogs are becoming more popular may be a good thing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wel, i also want to improve writing skills though different ways, i intended to improve and write anything, its is very necessory to get in touch with this section becouse its important. recently i have stored many words in my mind and want to use them in my writing section. i would be very glad if i understand all the rulls of english grammer. now i have decided that i must continue my practice and i shall be able to write anything.

    i don’t know which website is this ?? but just started whatever sentences coming into the mind, so dont mind anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now let me introuduce myself, My name is Anwar khan, i have done MBA (marketing) from reputable university, now i am trying to fatch the scholarship to continue my studies in USA, i am improving my writing skills and as well as spoken, so that why i am here to continue to improve, adequte learning is necessory for all who wanted to speak or write anything in english, here i am gonna using new wards which i read last night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello again, Actually i invented this website, for practice English writing, i have a few plans which i am trying to get in my existing life, let me tell you my aims, goals, infact i am not sure myself, uhhh anyways just kidding….!! now lets start again the story which i have started since my birth, i have seen many things in my life which was wondrious and cuntinuesly happening till now, many things which needed to be discuss and finalized and then implied in practice…..all humans, whom are living on this planet are all equal in everything, there should be one religion and one GOD for all humans, no need to distinguish between each other either way…..It is the only way to save the whole huminity and protect them. I am trying to write as much as good as i can, i think you woulden’t mind anything becouse its my learning process.

    We are all equals, we are all change in toughts, but we all one, we are all standing in the queue and knocking the last, what would be happend after that no one knows…!! so we must think which is unthinkable, vague, so keep continue something in your life….dont procrostinate !

    This website is made for me becouse i wanted to write something online which could be possible to someone understand this all, i musn’t over estimate my self and it must be clear to anyone. as soon as my exams near as much as i spending hard time, its notonly for scholarship but also for my career, i have tried for both purpose. hey now i am completely tired and feel lazy…this is a little about myself, lets see what happend next. be in touch!

  4. Anonymous says:

    weel, I am now doing my research for my undergraduate degree. You know what?/ It’s about the writing skill improvement of the member of Indonesian Muslim Blogger. I hope my research will have an interesting findings but..I am now confused of the questionnaire. I don’t know what to put in my questionnaire as the instrument in my study. you can check my blog at please give your comments. thanks alot

  5. Anonymous says:

    writing blog certainly the good way to improve our writing skills. but it’s the first step before we step into ‘the real’ one, i.e. sending our piece into media.

  6. Anonymous says:

    well, try try till you die

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow, this is really a neat website. Never came across something like this before. There were time, when I could not read or write English at all. I use to wonder, will I be able to finish reading a novel in my life time. But, now it only take me a day or two to finish up a novel. I have really improved my reading skills, but I have to work a lot on my writing skill. I was told, the best way to learn is write like how you speak. Speak to the paper. I truely belive that writing and reading skill are essential ingrediates for success!!! And when you finish writing don’t be careless read you writing and check it before you finalize.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I also believe that we all are equal, the only thing is sometime our thoughts can go wrong. Therfore, we have to put gaurd on our thinking. We have to learn to think positively, even there is a bad circumstance is surrounding us. Beleve in God and be optimistic!!!

  9. vasudeva reddy says:

    what is the web-site please let me know then I can start to lean a writing skill as well as speaking

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