Advanced Remote: Sony Ericsson T610

from fma user experience

I find this description to be simply amazing. I have yet to see this in person. Unfortunately, my new phone does not have bluetooth. However, it is SE, so maybe the remote function would work. I’ll try someday.

Sony Ericsson T610 (unlisted feature)

You can control the PC from the phone. Unlike other remote controllers, you have here a menu appearing on your cellphone. You can scroll up and down the menu using the joystick.

-You can move the mouse pointer using the joystick, right and left click, select and click anything. This requires you to look at the computer monitor so you can see where to move the pointer.

With the following features, you can switch off the monitor to save power, since a menu appears on the cellphone.
-You can switch off, hybernate or put on stand by the computer from the phone.
You have a menu on your phone saying “hybernate”, “turn off”, “stand by”. You scroll with the joystick, and press to select.
-You can run and control more than 10 different popular programmes from the cellphone. The most controllable is the popular music and video player “winamp version 2 and 5”.

With bluetooth, all this can be done while you are not in the same room with the computer. This is real, I am doing it everyday.

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  1. Karlos says:

    Do you have a howto using my T610 as remote control using bluetooth.

    Thanks. Karlos

  2. Karlos says:

    Do you have a howto for using my T610 as remote control for PC using bluetooth.

    Thanks. Karlos

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