Evolution of the Mighty Mouse: 1985-2005

I punched “Apple Mighty Mouse” into Google and came up with a cool image that I thought I’d combine with Apple’s new Mighty Mouse to create a comparison of then and now:

Mighty Mouse 1985-2005

Yesterday’s mouse had one button. Today’s mouse has a scroll ball, touch-sensitive top-shell, force-sensing side buttons, optical tracking… oh, yeah, and two buttons. Sweet.

If you’re interested in getting one, save $2.01 by getting the Apple Mighty Mouse from Amazon.com.

Can the Mighty Mouse be used on a PC? Or perhaps more importantly, can you find these features on a PC mouse?

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  1. LokiSnake says:

    Just a correction, it is 4 buttons.

    Left and right click, middle click with scroll ball, and fourth button programmable in Mac OS X.4.2, which is “pressed” by putting pressure on both grey side buttons.

    I’m going to go visit an Apple store soon, to see the mouse in person. I heard the scroll ball doesn’t move, just senses finger movement over it.

    Another thing to blow $44 on (edu discount from Apple. I’m now eligible because of a class at UCR :P)

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