Starting to listen to music

I don’t listen to much music, but when you’re on USC’s ResNet (residential network) and using iTunes to just browse around other people’s Shared Music, it’s hard to resist trying it out.

Good Life

I’ve watched my dreams all fade away
And blister in the sun
Everything I’ve ever had is unraveled and undone
I’ve set upon a worthless stack
Of my ambitious plans
And the people that I’ve loved the most
Have turned their backs and ran

This is the good life
I’ve lost everything
I could ever want
And ever dream of
This is the good life
I found everything
I could ever need
Here in Your arms

Loneliness has left me searching
For someone to love
Poverty has changed my view
Of what true riches are
Sorrow’s opened up my eyes
To see what real joy is
Pain has been the catalyst
To my heart’s happiness

What good would it be
If you had everything
But you wouldn’t have
The only thing you need

My dad bought a USB TV Box. I borrowed a cable from Sean (he wasn’t using it) and hooked it up to my laptop, because the USB cable is too short to reach where I’ve placed my desktop. I get ~30 channels, and reception is iffy on some. Maybe I need a cable box or something.

I’m working on the Deans’ Halls website (by Building Government). It’ll have public and private sections; I’ll post about it when the beta version is available.

3 Responses to “Starting to listen to music”

  1. The website sounds interesting, let me know when its up ok!

  2. Michael says:

    Wonder if any of those TV tuners, internal or external, work well.

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