Altec Lansing Speakers

I’ve been researching speakers because I really need to get something better than the ones built into my LCD monitor. The brands to be considered are:

Logitech My friends in the room next door both have Logitech speakers. They’re different models (not sure which models), but they’re both awesome.

Creative I saw some Creative SBS Vivid 60 speakers in the USC bookstore. $30. Also, the SBS 260. Good reviews, and astoundingly cheap. $17.

Altec Lansing This seems the most likely candidate. They have a good reputation and a nice lineup.

VS2221 2.1 speaker system. I’ve decided against these due to the large subwoofer and distortion.

VS2220 Compact and good reviews all around. Most likely one I’ll be getting. $30.

121i 2.1 speaker system. Decided against these due to bad reviews, including one that said they went bad after 2 months.

120i The cheapest ones; they’re tiny, but have good reviews. $15.

Generally, the speaker systems always cost around $30. The range is $15 to $50. A must for any speaker system is a volume control and a headphone jack.

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