Gas Prices Aren’t Bad

In the U.S., that is.

It might make you feel better that we are still paying $3.19 and happy about it since it has been hovering in the $3.40 range for a while now. I think it can only get better….or not.

by Anonymous at 11:26PM (PDT) on Oct 8, 2005

well, i live in germany..

we pay 1,30EUR per liter, thats 1,57$

1gallon would cost about 6,30$

by Anonymous at 07:30AM (PDT) on Oct 10, 2005

i live in austria:

update: now its at 1,40€ (5,30€ per gallon-about 6,90$) – thats about 25cent more in only one week..
its quite hard but it helps reducing the co2 emission.. and those hurricanes are not the only effect that have their origin in the shameless usage of fossil power by many industrial countries…

just my 2ct

by Anonymous at 11:22AM (PDT) on Oct 11, 2005

But anyway… I’m in Australia (central Victoria) and today we’re paying AU$1.33 per litre, which works out to US$3.79 per gallon.

by Anonymous at 06:45PM (PDT) on Oct 16, 2005

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  1. Adam West says:

    It ain’t too bad, but we all want it to be cheaper don’t we? Plus this oil price thing might be an excuse for some ‘big brothers’ to do some nasty thing…e.g.GWB etc.

  2. ruizmateos says:

    In Spain 1.07€, 4.05 € galon.

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