How to maximize Chitika

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard of the many ways to make money online. There are affiliate programs, but they’re often difficult and/or tedious to implement. Chitika eMiniMalls is the solution. Although it has only about 1,500 publishers as of October 2005, it’s starting to gain serious attention from blogging and webmaster communities. Some features include…

– Stands out from banner and text ads
– Makes better use of ad space by adding interactivity
– Provides users reviews, related products, and search
– More visually attractive than contextual text ads
– It can be contexual (automatically targeted) or you can specify your own keywords
– Control many features of the ad appearance, including the font
– Less restrictive ToS
– Allowed to modify the JavaScript
– Large range of standard sizes
– No limit to the number of ads on a page (recommend 3 or less)
– Often pays more per click than any other contexual ad program
Satisfaction with Chitika eMiniMalls is over 75%. Although your mileage may vary, many webmasters have had amazing results with Chitika.

If you sign up with my link, I’ll earn 10% what you do, but you’ll get the same amount you would have gotten had you signed up on your own. It’s win-win. Plus, with the added incentive, I’ll be happy to help you earn more: including linking to your site or working together with you. Start making money today.

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  1. moe says:

    wow, that sure sounds and looks a lot better than google ads. hmmm

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