We had a TO (Thematic Option) event tonight where we discussed various aspects of radicalism. I didn’t speak up during the discussion. Why?
(1) I feel that I can better put my thoughts into writing.
(2) The technology aspect, while it was mentioned, was not the point of the discussion.
(3) I didn’t feel the audience would be interested in the side of “radicalism” that I would have presented.

I’ll put my thoughts down here, so that they won’t be lost forever =)
The most important aspect of the internet, in my opinion, is that it makes the world much smaller. It allows everyone to be a publisher. The subject of blogs was mentioned as a means to rant radical ideas. But it’s also important in that you can publish your thoughts or information and have it be distributed world-wide. The “radical” notions didn’t intrigue me. However, the web puts you at an equal level with all the other large companies out there. This is why so many individuals can find their fortune online – because you have the ability to do nearly anything. With a small startup cost, you can use billions of dollars worth of existing infrastructure to get your message or product to everyone in the world.

For example, I’ve worked with people in other countries, including India, the U.K., Canada, and Hong Kong (China). I’ve exchanged messages with people who make over $500 a day. I’ve created websites that are visited by 10,000 people daily. The vastness of it is astounding. It serves not only as a means of communication, but also as a platform for real work to be done with teams of people separated by large geographical distances. It effectively deletes the barriers of communication and puts the power into the hands of the individual publisher.

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  1. Katy says:

    I wouldn’t say it deletes the barriers of communications. In some instances it creates more communication barriers due to misunderstandings of the written word. But the internet certainly is radical in eliminating geographical barriers, as much as the automobile and air travel did. Billions of people are at your fingertips instantaneously. May God help us to put our technology and knowledge for good instead of evil.

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