What if results could be connected with origins?

I was looking at the floor in the restroom here in Marks Hall, and I noticed that the drain cover was off. On it was an engraving: “SMITH.” And I wondered: where did it come from?

The drain cover must be its own element of the puzzle. Despite there being an entire restroom with many parts, the drain itself was an intricate piece of metal. Who came up with the idea? How did they design it? It has square holes in it; the metal is a specific type and thickness. Where did the material come from? How did it end up here? What were the people thinking when they made it? And when did they carve out the piece of metal, and write the Smith logo on it?

What if results could be connected with origins?

Everything comes from somewhere. Where they come from can tell you more about it; the future; and how to get more. I looked at the button on my pair of pants. This plastic button wasn’t always this way. Where was the plastic manufactured? Could the creators have imagined that it would be on my pants now? How are seemingly unrelated things directly linked? Through objects; and through ideas. My own ideas, writings, and thoughts have appeared in other people’s minds. Did they hear it from me? Cause and effect?

Where did the results come from?

Say I wanted to get another button. Just the button. But I want it from the same place. There’s no connection between the button and its origins. It has no identifying marks; no indexed existence. Nobody knows it exists. The creators don’t care. Don’t know. Can I contact them? Is there a connection, a link?

Strange thoughts, I know. I’m beginning to see the beauty of history.

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