tetris it

One of the funnier uses for a word that I’ve seen.

1. tetris it
when you have alot of stuff to fit in a little space like packing a suitcase or filling a trunk of a car with bags.
skeptic – “I don’t think we can fit the body, the chainsaw, the money bags, and the beer cooler in this little trunk.”
doer – “we’ll just have to tetris it”

Source: Bobby Habibi, Texas Biotch, Aug 12, 2005

2. tetris it
Intricate and careful packing of stuff in a space when normally it would not fit.
(in other words) What you have to do to put 20lbs of shit in a 10lb bag.
loser: Dude, we need a bigger bag to put this shit in.
Pwnzor: Whatever dude, we just need to tetris it. (fits all 20 lbs in)

Source: The Blue Man Group, Da FTC, Sep 8, 2005

As if lbs are used to measure size or volume…

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  1. Katy says:

    Tetris is a verb?? I guess it does deserve a place in the English vocabulary.

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