Yahoo Search Better Than Google

And I’m glad.

I am now fully convinced that Yahoo Search is currently superior to Google Search.

Personally, I have nothing against Google. In fact, I’m earning more with AdSense than with YPN. And, as you probably know, I run a Google Forum.

But from a purely objective point-of-view, for the kinds of searches I do, Yahoo Search wins. Hands down.

On a daily basis, I run searches on new Internet products, ideas, releases, people, suggestions, quotes, etc. I search for specific phrases in particular documents. Search engines should be able to find me these documents, no fuss.

Google can’t find it.

Yahoo can.

It started months ago. I looked for Calculus problems, solutions, and explanations. Google’s results were limited; sometimes returning just 2 results while Yahoo gave me 10 – and Yahoo’s were more useful.

Pages that were found by Yahoo, simply didn’t appear in Google at all.

And still don’t.

Today, I searched for anything I could find about a new Internet affiliate marketing product. Google had absolutely nothing for me. Yahoo returned one result – an excellent result – that changed everything.

5 Responses to “Yahoo Search Better Than Google”

  1. Joseph says:

    Hey, thats some good info. I always just use google; I guess you made me consider trying yahoo too. And, dood Elliot, your cs and internet skills dominate.

  2. LokiSnake says:

    I can confirm that Yahoo! Search is returning better results. I was looking for info on a performance driving course, and Yahoo actually returned meaningful results.

  3. Same here as it gives me more relevant information just like msn search, though i’ll never stick with just one search engine as I prefer to get multiple queries from a wide range of sources.

  4. Philip D. says:

    Hey.. I think Yahoooo is WAAAAY better at everything (PS You should use Yahoo 360), but ig you want both, does the trick. Thanks!


  5. […] Sorry, Google. You lose. Yahoo has a better index, more relevant results (which I reported about five months ago, and is still true), and more cached pages. I think Google needs my help. Really. […]

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