YPN Yahoo Publisher Network Ad Units

Inspired by Google’s AdSense support, but modified for the Yahoo Publishing Network:

How can multiple ad units be used effectively?

You can place as many ad units per page as you like. There is no limitation on the number.

Here are some instances where multiple ad units may prove successful:

* Pages with lots of text, requiring users to scroll down the page.
* Forum or message board pages, particularly within threads.
* Pages where only smaller ad formats (such as the 125 x125 button) will fit.

How do I add more sites to my account?

The code on the Ad layout code page is valid for any page in any site on which you want to display Yahoo ads. Simply add the code to your page source, and Yahoo will automatically detect the new site and, supposedly, display relevant ads.

There’s no need to open additional accounts or to notify Yahoo when you have placed the ad code on a new site.

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