Blogging on the Metrolink

I’m taking the Metrolink on my own for the first time. Planning this trip was fairly hectic. But I think that’s good for me, because, as John Shook says, I need to “Emote!” There are many “Metrolink” stations in other cities and places far from LA, so finding the right site is a small task. Originally I was looking at “Metro” which is an LA Bus and Rail system. Apparently that’s not the same thing.

I felt very happy being wished off by my USC friends. Jason Matthias happened to be there (he’s staying for Thanksgiving), and the last person I said “bye” to was J-Lo. He accepted Christ this past weekend. I haven’t heard the whole story, but it’s awesome. Anyway, he warned me that it’s easy to get lost, and reminded me not to be afraid to ask directions. He also gave me his mobile number and told me to call if I needed help. Marks Hall is great!

I took the USC Tram from the JEP House leaving at 5:05 PM. (I originally planned to take the one at 4:55 PM, but I missed it.) I arrived at Union Station at 5:25 PM, so it took about 20 minutes to get here. The train I was planning to take (Riverside via Industry) left at exactly that time, so I missed it. I went to one of the ticket machines and bought a ticket ($5.75), using a $20 bill to pay for it.

The machine gave me the $14.25 change in coins, that is: 8 “gold-style” one dollar coins, 6 “silver,” and an Alabama state quarter. I bought a “Youth” ticket, which is for those up to age 18. I wonder if the price of the Adult ticket is any different. It’s now 6:02 PM, and the train will be leaving at 6:05. There’s no wireless connection, but I’m typing this on my laptop and saving it to publish later.

6:05 sharp. Doors closed, train is moving. No wireless networks, but I do see two computer-to-computer (peer-to-peer) networks. It’s dark out, so it’s hard to see much due to the relfections on the windows. I can see myself typing. Whoa.. ride is getting bumpy. Later.

[12:26 AM] Well, I got home just fine. This long post about the Metrolink will take the place of tonight’s Midnight Message™. I would like to note, however, that my dorm room was finally vacuumed today (neither my roommate nor I have taken the trouble to vacuum since the beginning of the year). Thanks goes to Sam, who did all of the work! He’s awesome.

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