Pete Carroll in Person

I saw Pete Carroll today in Heritage Hall. I was close enough that I could have reached out and touched him. He’s something of a celebrity these days, so I thought I’d mention it :)

This was soon after the event called “USC vs. UCLA: Tales from the greatest rivalry in sports”. They talked about sports careers and journalism, and some of their favorite aspects of the rivalry. It’s unique, fun, and is unmatched in sheer intensity. Something they alluded to: what’s the history of the Coliseum?

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  1. […] Then I went to this “USC vs. UCLA rivalry” speaker event and saw Pete Carroll, as I posted earlier. He spoke for us for awhile, then went out of the room to do an interview with a radio talk show, 1540 AM I think it was. I stood there to look at him and listen along with many other people. […]

  2. john pinkston says:

    he is got to be stupid for not calling for a review in the rosebowl!
    the officials gave texas 6 undeserved points
    and cost usc the title.
    texas is not the national champions USC is
    the officials gave it to texas. how BS

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