Crush007 Modified Phishing Scam

I’ll quote a conversation I had about half an hour ago with a friend from high school:

Krishna: hey
Krishna: how ya doin?
Me: just fine
Krishna: cool
Krishna: i got this site it predicts ur love life
Krishna: its so cool
Krishna: its so accurate
Me: haha
Me: how would you know if it were accurate?
Krishna: it seems accurate
Krishna: its so kool
Krishna: i was like WTH when it seemed accurate
Krishna: as long as ur honest it works
Krishna: its amazing
Krishna: it takes like 2 minutes to do
Krishna: check it out
Me: no thanks
Krishna: haha k
Me: krishna?
Me: why are you IMing me now, of all times?
Krishna: haha dont no
[Some time later…]
Me: wow
Me: you’re more stupid than i thought
Krishna: ?
Me: in fact, you’re a complete idiot
Krishna: ?
Krishna: y?
Me: (i finished my work, so i decided to actually look at the link you sent)
Me: “As soon as your friends fill in their secret details in the questionnaire, the data will be mailed to you!!”
Me: yeah, you actually thought I would bother filling it out
Krishna: ihaha nah
Krishna: u dont fill stuff like that
Krishna: it was a joke
Krishna: haha
Krishna: sorry dude
Krishna: ttyl man
Krishna: good luck at USC

It astounds me how silly people can be. Crush007 is a despicable site. Yet it’s tempting to create a clone just to learn about other people. On the other hand, I should just go talk to them and ask instead.

11 Responses to “Crush007 Modified Phishing Scam”

  1. no1 says:

    this sucs

  2. Joanne says:

    cannot open website and none of my friends can open link. can u post one that works???

  3. boneman says:

    The sites been closed down, no ones links are working anymore.

  4. Scythereal says:

    In fact, I can’t even find a domain WHOIS entry. Probably got sued or something. Time to make an alternative based on Bitmeta :D

  5. Paul says:

    WEll its back now. And there are also a bunch of clones… the newest being

  6. Angelica Piperson says:

    Crush007 is not working again. What other clones are out there besides crush0meter?

  7. Sk says:

    Aside from , the other next biggest one is

    I like them though I use them all the time to own some of my more n00bish friends. Its all good…

  8. Jak says:

    Your site is perfect!

  9. KingRea says:

    How come it isn’t working? Anyone know when it will be fixed? or if they will fix it at all? I mean, I’m trying to log in but it doesn’t even send the password/welcome to my email.

  10. Naim says: doesn’t work anymore which is a shame. Fun to use once in a while but only for people that are smart enough to do it. The other two imitation sites are simply crap and should be removed…wating precious Internet space. Any idea when crush007 will be working again? Ever?


  11. kuku says:

    want to know what is crush 007 means.. tks alot

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