DreamWriter T100

I recently was handed a DreamWriter 100 to fix for use by an elementary school class. It looks like this:
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I removed the old Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries that were inside of it (I suspect it also has the charging circuitry, so it could recharge batteries inside of it), and put in alkaline AAs. However, a small metal piece had broken off, so I replaced it with a bit of rolled up aluminum foil. It worked: the unit booted, and I typed a test message and opened the files in its memory (yes, it still had stuff in its memory). It’s a very old little computer.

I don’t have the DreamLink software required for it to communicate with a PC or Mac. I have the serial cable, but not the software. Does anyone know where I can get it, online or offline? It would be best if I could download it somehow.

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    1. Have the software but cannot get it to work; is there something that I am missing.

      carson vanarsdall

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