Football Day

Man, what a day for football. After watching the last quarter of the USC-UCLA game at Caltech, I came back and spent some time online before going outside to play football with Michael, Kipp, and some other random folks. Quite simply, it was amazing. I brought Shawn with me, and he played for some three hours. My roommate also joined in about an hour after me. Mike and Kipp were probably there the longest overall, some four or five hours I suppose. It was just that fun. I made some “tackles” (2-hand touch) and several catches (even a touchdown)!

I never experienced sports in high school, or any other time in my life for that matter. I just never knew people at all like me. Plus, back then, I was in terrible physical condition. I think I was probably a short fat little kid with glasses. But today I’m reasonably tall and definitely skinny. So physical attributes help. But another is attitude. I’ve never had friends so kind as some of the students here at USC. Especially the people on my end of the hall in the dorm. They’re just great people.

Visit this other blog post at a site called “lex icon” for some neat USC-UCLA talking points as well as a rivalry joke.

Added Dec. 26. Quote from a UCLA student.

Going back to the kicking, I really felt USC was trying to match Texas’s 70-3 victory over Colorado earlier in the day. They continued to squib kick even though they were up by large chunks of points. Going on every 4th down also struck a cord. From the Bruin angle, this seemed insulting as they clearly didn’t need to go for it, nor did they have to stray away from traditional kicking patterns. Yet the Trojans did have an angle. UCLA’s opposition’s 4th down conversion rate was remarkably high. Plus, the Bruin’s strength was in special teams, where the Trojans had a slight dent. That would have been great game planning up until they were up by an unsurmountable margin. It was a slap in the face. But so was “Tusk”, causing the stadium to erupt in “UCLA SUCKS!”.

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