Power, English, Exercise, Pizza, and Chocolate

The power just went out for a second. I love UPS systems. Remind me to never use a desktop without a UPS.

I wrote some stuff on notecards in preparation for my Core 102 exam tomorrow. I hope I’ll do okay. I can’t memorize things, so I just have to rely on my own ideas and connections between themes. I’ll quote a few passages and discuss major themes. The class is about inspiration, and the various aspects of it as can be seen in our thirteen texts: Phaedrus, Medea, Canzoniere, Shepherd’s Calendar, Dr. Faustus, Room of One’s Own, To the Lighthouse, Lyrical Ballads, Artist of the Floating World, Tempest, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Bacchae, Poetics, Oedipus Rex.

Here I’ll quote Taggerung101 (without permission).

Ah, finals week. How can I possibly describe my feelings towards finals week?

Perhaps with a metaphor. Finals week is like having a tiny fairy fly around your head, screaming all the time.


And once other fairies hear the first fairy screaming, they swoop down and start screaming too.


Once you’ve got 20 or so of them swirling around your head and screaming at you, that’s when a shark comes and eats you.

I went to the Lyon Center with Shawn. They have reduced hours now, and close at 7 pm. I had some chest pain after running 20 minutes. Not sure why that is. Maybe I just need to exercise more. I might be a little out of shape. At 9 pm they had an event out by Leavey. I got earplugs and scantrons (for no reason). They’d run out of Blue Books, but Sam and Jamie got me free ones. Marks Hall friends are cool. There are some people here that are really awesome. Some aren’t. Still, it’s nice to be here, and I’m looking forward to the start of next semester. The beginning of the semester is more fun. There’s less pressure, plus the possibility that I can drop my hardest class with no repercussions. At 10 pm I got free pizza for Primal Scream, which was good because I basically skipped dinner (at about 4 pm I had the leftover Wok Crazy). After pizza, Meeyoung Christie, Michael S., Kristen, Bob, and I went to Marks Tower to get some of their chocolate-covered fruit and marshmallows. Bob got a little messy. He’s awesome.

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